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Working with coach Lundy this spring gave me an incredible amount of insight on the kicking game. His knowledge and coaching style made it relatable and it easy to learn. Coach Lundy has an eye for detail that shows his passion in helping you succeed. There is a reason why many of the best come to work with him and his staff.

Zach Leatherman | Former Florida Tech Kicker


I have trained with Coach Lundy since I was in 8th grade. He has always pushed me to preform better by creating competition in his lessons and camps. The technological advancements Coach Lundy has brought in has allowed for instant technical fixes,allowing me to perform at a higher level. Over the years Coach Lundy has taught specifics that many other trainers do not think of. He also is very receptive and listens to his students to discover new and better methods of kicking, punting, and snapping. This allowed me to better understand the technicalities of kicking. What is also great about Coach Lundy is he encourages everyone to coach each other; this truly allows his students to comprehend what he is teaching. I greatly appreciate everything Coach Lundy has done for me and everything he does in the community.

Noah Motto | Former FIU Kicker


No one breaks the mechanics of kicking down like Coach Lundy does. He shows me how every little thing your body does changes your kick, and how your body should really be moving throughout the kick. Coach Lundy is doing things to help his athletes improve that no other coach in the country has come close to thinking of. Each lesson has been well worth it, and I learn more and more each time I work with Coach Lundy.

Beto Aguirre | Former Alcorn State Kicker


I have trained with Coach Lundy since my sophomore of high school, and I have enjoyed every second of it! Coach has taught me anything is possible with the right work ethic, training, and mentality. I have been offered a football scholarship at Virginia Tech, but without Coach Lundy this wouldn't have been possible. I will continue working with Coach Lundy until my kicking career ends.

Jordan Stout | Baltimore Ravens Punter


I’ve been training with Coach Lundy year-round for the last 2 years. Coach Lundy not only teaches me techniques of kicking, and how important it is to practice your craft, but also instills the importance of grades, being a positive role model, and making good choices. He is eager to help me with my form and my approach to football, always pushing me to be my best. Coach Lundy brings in college and NFL kickers to almost every session for us to see what our future could be if we work hard and trust the process.

Ryker Casey | UCF Kicker


My son Caleb and I recently attended a fantastic two-day private lesson with Coach Lundy and his staff in Daytona. We were both impressed with the attention to detail and the thoroughness of the instruction. The ability of Coach Lundy to relate to my son on a personal level combined with his unmatched technical instruction resulted in a superior learning environment. He can explain advanced aspects of kicking with a unique explanatory approach that other coaches cannot. I greatly enjoyed becoming involved in the lessons, which allowed me to learn the drills, and specific items to work on with my son back home. We will definitely be back over and over to continue my son's development so that he can confidently achieve his goals.

Andy Heitman | Father of Caleb Heitman, West Florida HS 2019 Kicker


If it weren’t for Coach Lundy, I wouldn’t be where I am today. His coaching is the best in the country, hands down. He’s been a great mentor and continues to prove he is the standard in training. He’s given me all the tools on and off the field to be successful. There is a reason why I choose to train with Coach Lundy every chance I get. I’ve never thought about going anywhere else! He puts all of his trust in me and expects for me to do the same in return. He coaches every athletes in a way that is best for the individual, personalizing the training. He’s an exceptional coach, but an even better person. I’m beyond grateful to have trained with Lundy, and I will forever be thankful for our friendship.

Nick Bruno | Eastern Illinois OVC All-Conference Kr |FCS Freshman All-American 1st team OVC Kicker


Within the first few minutes into your session with Coach Lundy, you begin to understand your true strengths and abilities as a kicker/punter. Very rarely do you find someone as passionate and knowledgeable as Coach Lundy, but he is also one that can consistently better your kicking/punting with every session. I owe a lot to Coach Lundy.

Grayson Barnette | Former University of St. Francis Kicker


Working with Coach Lundy is always a joy, especially the past training we did during December, 2016. We addressed the little things I wanted to improve on, and coach broke these issues down into drills that made a huge difference. The amount of detail that we focused on in each phase of the kicking game really helped me out and it is a lesson I really enjoyed.

Bobby Puyol | Former University of Connecticut | Kicker


I’ve trained with Coach Lundy since my freshman year in high school. It was his love for kicking and passion of seeing his students succeed in the classroom that made me who I am today. Coach Lundy knew I had one goal in mind, and it was to play for the Florida Gators no matter what obstacle was in my way. I took a chance and decided to walk-on at the University of Florida. Using every single drill and technique Coach Lundy taught me, I was able to become a starting Division 1 kicker for one the best football programs in the country. Because of Coach Lundy’s support and attention to detail in my kicking, I lead the Gators in scoring in the 2014 season. If you’re willing to work and listen to Coach Lundy, he can put you in the best position to play college football, or even the NFL, like so many of his students already have.

Frankie Velez | Former University of Florida Kicker


I first met Coach Lundy at the Bud Asher Clinic back in 2016. His training helped me tremendously for preparing for the next level. Most of my best days kicking have come from his training and advice.

Brandon Behr | Jacksonville Sharks Kicker | AFL


I started training with Coach Lundy after my sophomore year in college, and instantly I saw drastic improvements. The on-field video analysis you get with Coach Lundy is unlike anyone else in the industry, and he allows you to immediately see your mistake and finds ways to correct it. Top college and professional specialists continue to work with Coach Lundy, not only because he has the ability to make you fundamentally sound, but he truly cares about his guys on and off the field.

Garrett Hartley | Super Bowl XLIV Champion, former New Orleans Saints Kicker


I've trained with Coach Lundy since my sophomore year in High School. He's always pushed me on and off the field. He is a student of the game, bringing the best insight every time we have a lesson. There is a reason so many college and pro guys come back to Daytona Beach, FL every chance they get.

Caleb Sturgis | 8 Year NFL Veteran Kicker & former All-American University of Florida Kicker


Coach Lundy is and has always been a very important person in my life who helped me become the person and kicker I am today. Since high school, then college, and now in the NFL, I train with Coach Lundy every chance I get. I see him not only as a coach who has the right tools and knowledge to help his students succeed, but also someone who has the desire to fulfill every one of his students’ dreams.

Cairo Santos | Current Chicago Bears Kicker & former Lou Groza Award winner


I started to train with Dan Lundy a few years ago and I wouldn’t even know where to begin on how much he has helped me over the years. A huge reason why I train with him year round is that he doesn’t try to change me to his style of kicking or what style is considered to be the “norm.” The personal and hands on training that he facilitates, helps you reach your maximum potential every kick. There’s no question as to why many NFL specialists visit Daytona Beach to compete, and train with him to further perfect their craft.

Chris Boswell | Current Pittsburgh Steelers Kicker & 2018 Pro Bowl recipient


I was able to meet Coach Lundy when I moved down from Pennsylvania to attend UCF. He has been able to help me grow as a kicker, and as a person. Every time we meet, I feel like I’ve gotten better in some way. All of this helped me move from a redshirt kicker to a two-year starter.

Matt Wright | Current Jacksonville Jaguars Kicker & Former University of Central Florida Kicker


Coach Lundy has been both a coach and mentor for me for several years now. He constantly motivates me to maximize my true potential, and he has given me the tools to do so. If you want to be the best, you must train with the best, and that's with Daytona's Elite and Coach Lundy.

Johnny Townsend | Current NFL FA, former All-American University of Florida Punter


Coach Lundy has helped me take my game to the next level. I started working with Coach Lundy my freshman season in college and have continued to work with him ever since. He has helped me take my game to new heights and helped me achieve my goals. His attention to detail and work ethic are second to none. I can contact Coach Lundy at any time, and he is always willing to break down film with me. His camps in Daytona Beach, FL are always filled with top tier college and NFL talent.

Austin MacGinnis | Current New Orleans Breakers Kicker (USFL), former University of Kentucky Kicker


I've trained with Dan Lundy since my sophomore year of college. He's very professional, has an "eye" for the game, and understands what is needed to unlock each athlete’s potential. There are elements to the craft that I wouldn't have been able to learn if it wasn't for him and his staff. There's a reason why so many athletes return to receive more training every offseason.

Kaare Vedvik | Current Saskatchewan Roughriders Punter (CFL), former Marshall University Kicker/Punter


Coach Dan Lundy has molded me into an elite athlete on the field and an uncommon person off the field. Through my college career of training with Coach Lundy, I have become more attentive to the details of both kicking and punting. As an athlete I need a coach who cares about me as a person and will push me towards my goals, both of which Coach Lundy provides. There are many reasons why NFL, collegiate, and high school athletes consistently return to Daytona Beach to train. To be the best athlete and person I can be, I surround myself with people who desire the same thing in their own lives, just like Coach Dan Lundy.

Ryan Santoso | Current Jacksonville Jaguars Kicker, & former University of Minnesota K/P


I began working with Coach Lundy in 8th grade, and I know I wouldn't be where I am today without his help. He worked tirelessly, through film and drill work, to help me achieve my goals as a kicker. As a kicking coach he is the very best you can find. He has trained countless punters and kickers to the college and pro levels and will continue do so for a long time.

Nick Vogel | Current Houston Gamblers Kicker (USFL) & Former UAB Kicker


I've worked with Coach Lundy during the end of my freshman year of college. Ever since that first training session with him, my kicking was never the same. Coach Lundy pushed me to reach heights I only imagined of. His work ethic and drive on the field to make every kicker he works with the absolute best is second to none. His teachings are on point, and his athletes at all levels prove that. When working with Coach Lundy, you better come to work and ready to get better. He's not your average kicking coach.

Aleem Sunanon | Former University of South Alabama Kicker


I've trained with Coach Lundy for the last 7 years during summer training. Every time I attend his trainings, he has something new to help me with, and he is continually evolving with the game to be the best he can be. Coach Lundy pushes me to be the best I can be, not only on the field but off the field. He presents himself in his community the way he wants his players to. He truly is a great coach and mentor, and it has been an honor working with him.

Hunter Heck | Former University of West Georgia Kicker


I started training with Coach Lundy during my freshman year of college, and he welcomed me into the Daytona Elite family with open arms. His sessions are very efficient, and I leave every time with more tools to perfect my craft. My only regret is not coming to him sooner, but it's never too late to commit to improving yourself.

Jagger Lieb | Former Mercer University Kicker


I have been training with Coach Lundy since I was a freshman in college. He is an exceptional mentor and coach for kicking. He has a vested interest in your career development and personal success. Because of these qualities, I look forward to continuing my training with Coach Lundy.

Eric Fogle | Former Stetson University Punter


Through my training sessions with Coach Lundy, I have seen how his attention to detail and persistence has greatly aided me as both a player and student of the game. I have trained with countless other coaches and attended various camps, but I have never seen such consistent results until I began training with Coach Lundy and his staff my during my sophomore year of college. The training, drills, and techniques he uses have helped many college athletes reach their highest potential and lead several professional athletes to success in the NFL.

Grant Amick | Former Stetson University Kicker


I've trained with coach Lundy at both summer camps and private training. He has been a role model in the way he coaches, teaches, and learns. He understands how the little details build a bigger result and because of this the guys he trains have done big things and had successful careers. He truly loves his job; I believe in this aspect he really separates himself from other coaches. That's why I have made the trip to Daytona from Nashville to train with him. The same reason why so many athletes come to train with him to get to the next level.

Matt Alter | Former Cumberland University Kicker


I started training with Coach Lundy my freshman year in college. To say that he is a great coach is an understatement. Coach has helped me build consistency in the way I work, and always pushes me to be the best I can be. There's no secret why the best come to train with him.

Mac Loudermilk | Former University of Central Florida Punter, current NFL FA


I've trained with Coach Lundy and Coach Lippo since 10th grade. Both are excellent teachers and mentors. They’ve taught me so much about football, and a lot about life as well. Coach Lundy has helped many of his students transition from being good high school players to even better college specialists. Now some of his college trainees are finding success in the NFL.

Matt Beardall | Former Marshall University Long Snapper


I've been training with Coach Lundy since my junior year of high school. His coaching has helped me tremendously to reach the level I need to play in college. Coming from Spain, and knowing nothing about American football, my goal of becoming a college kicker seemed so far away. I have great memories of learning a new sport and Coach Lundy is a big part of them; he is still helping and pushing me to improve to reach my next goals. I’m glad I‘m still able to train with him during the offseason in Daytona Beach with so many other college and professional specialists. He finds a way to make training fun, while keeping it competitive and serious.

Javier Arce | Former Jacksonville University Kicker


I've been training with Coach Lundy since high school, and I love what he teaches. He comes up with new, innovative drills that work on the fundamentals and specific areas of each phase of the kicking game. Every chance you get with him is one to grow as a player and a person. His passion and insight for the game is unmatched, which is why everyone, at all levels, wants to make it down to Daytona Beach every chance they get.

Dylan Barnas | Former University of Central Florida Kicker, Current Orlando Predators Kicker


I began training with Coach Lundy my junior year of high school. He's helped me grow tremendously as a player and as a person. On the field, he focuses on the smallest details, which is what makes him such a great kicking coach. Every time I've trained with Coach Lundy, I've come away from the workout with a great deal of new knowledge about the mental and physical aspects of being a specialist.

AJ Reed | Former Duke University Kicker, Current University of Arkansas Kicker


I’ve been fortunate enough to know and train with coach Lundy for around 6 years know. The knowledge, creative, and true love for the game that he has is exceptional in all facets. He has an uncommon commitment to not only his athletes, but also the game of football. The love he brings to the field is contagious and makes everyone around him want to grow as not only a specialist but as a person.

James Sherman | Former Texas State Kicker


Working with Coach Lundy has brought me to a new level as a player and person. One of the hardest things as a specialist is finding the right people to train with, but once I found Coach Lundy and the 4th Down University staff, I have never looked back. How many high school and college players can say they train with active NFL specialists regularly?

Patrick McCormack | Former FAMU Rattlers Long Snapper


I started training with Coach Lundy and his staff going into my senior year of high school. He taught me how to grow, both as an athlete and a man. Every session I have with Coach Lundy I leave with a plan, and how to make the minor adjustments needed to maximize my ability. That's why athletes from across the country travel to Daytona Beach to train with Lundy and his staff.

Bailey Cate | Former Old Dominion University Punter


Since freshman year of high school, Coach Lundy has taught me a lot of valuable lessons in football, but they go far beyond that. He has helped me become a better athlete, and even a better person. So many people keep coming back to train with Coach Lundy because he pushes athletes to become self-motivated, and to be best they can be. He has high expectations of his players on and off the field, and it is evident in their successes.

Thomas O’Leary | Former University of Akron Kicker


Coach Lundy, Coach Lippo, and the entire Daytona’s Elite family is the reason why I was able to fulfill my life-long dream of playing Division 1 college football. Unlike the other specialist camps out there, 4th Down University develops you into not only an elite specialist, but as an overall person. Anyone, of any age, with goals to play at the next level must work with these amazing coaches. I thank everyone associated with Daytona’s Elite and 4th Down University for all I am today. This is not just a company; it is a family!

Andrew Zink | Former University of South Alabama Long Snapper


When I first met Coach Lundy, I had no idea the impact he would have on my life. In High School he turned a long snapper that was very raw into a collegiate long snapper. The thing that separates Coach Lundy from other coaches is not only his drive to make each player into the best they can be, but how he genuinely cares about every player. I train with Coach Lundy every chance I can get and after 5 years of training with him I still get better every training session. Coach Lundy is by far the best kicking coach in the nation.

Collin Mills | Former University of Southern Mississippi Long Snapper


Coach Lundy simply gets me. He is always able to explain and teach me in a way that clicks. I've worked with many coaches from 8th grade all the way into college, but Coach Lundy is THE coach that has had (by far) the most impact on my success. Coach has an obvious passion for what he does and is somehow always positive in his message. I can honestly say that I became a D1 specialist because of Dan Lundy.

Chris Saunier | Former UCF Kicker


I’ve train with Coach Lundy since the summer leading into my senior year of high school. There’s no exact number of things I’ve learned from him during this time, but I know I will continue to learn every time we train. He is a great coach, and a father, he is someone who knows how to show you love.

Demarco Terry | Former Edward Waters College Long Snapper


Coach Lundy and I trained during my winter break while in town. We worked mostly on field goals and kickoffs and it was incredible to see how fast results showed after going through a few drills. By the end of the two-day session I looked and felt much more fluid. His coaching and knowledge of kicking is as best as it gets and I would definitely recommend him to absolutely anyone looking to make themselves better at kicking or punting.

Stephen Yaffe | Former Indiana University Kicker


I've been training with Coach Lundy for over two years now, and even after this long I learn something new every time I step on the field with him. Training with Coach Lundy elevated my game and helped me in my transition from soccer to football. He builds a real learning environment for all his athletes and the way he can deal with professional, college, and high school athletes equally is truly outstanding. If you want to become the best you must train with the best, and that's who Coach Lundy is.

Paolo Golemi | Former Edward Waters College Kicker


One month before I reported to West Point, I had a private lesson with Coach Lundy. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of kicking and understanding of how to become a better kicker. Since meeting him, I’ve improved immensely, and now I’m in position to compete for a starting job this season.

Billy Mitchell | Former Army West Point Kicker


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