4th Down University’s goal is to provide unparalleled training and instruction for coaches, kickers, punters, and snappers.

Our clients learn to prepare, train, compete, and execute like a professional athlete through an objective, technical and tactical curriculum.

As a result, 4DU athletes are prepared for success. Dozens have played in the NFL, and hundreds have found success at the collegiate level, with many earning All American and All Conference honors.


Our focus is the development of the entire person. We are not just a kicking, punting, and long snapping training program. Our coaches and players work together to instill a positive set of values and core beliefs that translate to becoming a better teammate, student, coworker, and most importantly, family member.


At 4th Down University we expect our coaches and athletes to be proactive in the development of their personal brand.

Life is a competition, because of this, 4DU staff and athletes continually find ways to stand out from the competition on and off the field.

Eventually every athlete’s playing career ends, and it is often much sooner than anticipated. Preparation for time after football is equally as critical as the present.

Ongoing dialogue occurs between staff and players about preparing for planned, and unplanned. Be sure to follow us on social media for more info on this.